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My name is Conrad Meyer and I am a photojournalist

living in Fort Collins, Co. I graduated from the University

of North Texas in Denton, with a BA in Photojournalism.

I have a burning passion for the photographic arts

including  travel photography, urban architecture, 

and photojournalism.

I have an acquired taste for travel and don’t look for the

touristy postings on the bulletin boards of the hotel lobby.

In fact, I never see a hotel lobby at all. Actually, HelpX or

WWOOF and CouchSurfing, provide the perfect

opportunity to experience things off the beaten path, and

see how the locals live.

Since the time of graduation, this Texan has participated

in a work exchange program called HelpX. It has provided

incredible opportunities to travel and document migrant

trekkers and natives throughout southern British

Columbia. In exchange for a 4-5 hours work day, we would

receive food, room and board; the idea is an immersion

into a culture and learning the ways of the local people.

While photographing and exploring the endless

possibilities the land has to offer, we did everything from

planting rows of baby arugula and harvesting Swiss chard,

to building homes with all-natural resources and living




Currently residing in Fort Collins, but always on the move,

you can find images on my site from all over the place.

This website shall provide the foundation for my

documentation of travels, locals, and other events

which I attend. Check back soon for updated material!

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